Our Team

The American Geosciences, Inc. team is highly skilled, competent, and service oriented. The top compliments we hear from clients are that we are very responsive, identify cost effective approaches, and address environmental issues in a pragmatic manner.

American Geosciences, Inc. team manages our clients site investigation, remediation, UST, geothermal, Phase I, asbestos, and compliance/permitting projects. They include the following personnel.

David R. Perry – Founder/President

40 plus years experience

Skilled at working with attorneys, business owners, commercial lenders, developers, plant managers, etc. Presents project strategies, discusses pros and cons of approaches, outlines costs, provides regulatory interpretation, and presents options.

Has managed more than 2,000 environmental projects in the US, Canada, Mexico, and abroad. Experienced with heavy industrial, commercial, retail, and residential properties. Areas of expertise include site investigation, remediation, due diligence, expert witness testimony, third party review, and geothermal projects.

David W. Parsonage – Vice President

33 plus years experience

Provides senior oversight on projects nationwide. Specializes in due diligence, site investigation, remediation, and regulatory compliance projects involving complex environmental conditions and challenging project dynamics. Identifies technical/regulatory opportunities and cost-savings. Formulates approaches, oversees implementation, and negotiates with regulatory personnel. Helps clients manage facility and corporate environmental policies and practices related to environmental due diligence, risk management, regulatory compliance, sustainability, and supply-chain disclosure.

Served as Chair of ASTM Committee E50 on Environment overseeing the development of widely applied environmental standards.  Also, served as Director on the ASTM International Board of Directors.

Bruce A. Shaw – Senior Geologist

43 plus years experience

Senior project manager responsible for investigating the nature and extent of soil and/or groundwater contamination at extremely complex sites. Directs how a site is investigated, develops investigation plans, directs drilling/sampling programs, and characterizes site conditions. Delineates impacts, evaluates fate and transport of contaminants, and prepares conceptual models. Evaluates remediation options, selects remediation systems, and supervises pilot studies.

These managers are supported by a team of scientists, technicians, and other highly skilled staff.