Environmental Consulting Services

environmental-consulting-servicesAmerican Geosciences, Inc. is a well-respected and trusted provider of environmental consulting services to an extremely diverse client base.  Clients rely on our expertise to provide them with valuable environmental information and solutions.

We perform environmental consulting services for attorneys, developers, commercial business owners, property managers, bankers, etc. And, if multiple parties are involved on a project, AGI personnel are highly skilled at interacting with these professionals and finding solutions to balance the needs of various parties.

Environmental issues are uniformly part of on-going business transactions and operations. Therefore we understand the need to complete projects on-schedule, on-budget, with extremely high technical quality.  Whether you have a $1,000 project or a multi-million dollar project, AGI ensures your project receives the utmost attention.

Our environmental consulting services include:

Phase I Site Assessments

AGI completes environmental due diligence activities related to property transactions, site development, or refinancing.  AGI investigates the history of the property, visits the site, reviews records, conducts interviews, and identifies potential environmental concerns.

Phase II Site Investigations

AGI conducts site investigations to assess impacts to soil or water.  We determine drilling locations, develop sampling plans, assess hydrogeological conditions, delineate impacts, and characterize site conditions. AGI presents liability considerations, remedial options, and develops cost estimates.

Asbestos Surveys

Whether purchasing, renovating, or demolishing a structure, AGI assesses if asbestos-containing materials are present within a structure.  AGI also estimates quantities present for the client to use as a basis for obtaining abatement quotes. We also prepare management plans for asbestos that is left in place.

Mold Surveys

AGI performs mold services in commercial buildings, workplaces, schools, apartment buildings, etc.  We inspect areas, collect samples, interpret results, and present options to address identified impacts.

Storage Tank Services

AGI provides a full range of tank services including removal, in-place closure, site investigation, site remediation, and regulatory compliance.  AGI is experienced at dealing with tanks at service stations, manufacturing plants, terminals, retail locations, shopping plazas, etc.

Geothermal Services

AGI provides a geological assessment of subsurface site conditions to assess if the site can be considered for geothermal systems. AGI conducts thermal and hydraulic conductivity testing. Services are provided for closed, open, direct-exchange, and standing column systems at proposed or existing buildings.

Todd E. Reidbord
Walnut Capital Management, Inc.
“American Geosciences has been a valued partner to Walnut Capital on numerous real estate development projects, since 1998. We value their technical expertise and client focus. During all stages of property development – due diligence, site investigations, remediation, or asbestos surveys – American Geosciences has exceeded our expectations and kept our best interests in mind. I would not hesitate to recommend American Geosciences.”

For more information on any of our environmental consulting services, please contact us today at 724.733.7000.