American Geosciences, Inc. is the consultant-of-choice for hundreds of private business owners.  We take pride in the fact that 95% of our business comes from repeat clients and referrals.

We invite you to read American Geosciences, Inc. testimonials of representative clients.  These testimonials truly validate that we offer personalized service, quality work, and responsiveness.

American Geosciences, Inc. works for national firms, regional businesses, and “mom and pop” enterprises.  We provide business owners and environmental managers with straight answers to environmental problems and cost-effective solutions to help businesses operate smoothly.

Todd E. Reidbord
Walnut Capital Management, Inc.
“American Geosciences has been a valued partner to Walnut Capital on numerous real estate development projects, since 1998. We value their technical expertise and client focus. During all stages of property development – due diligence, site investigations, remediation, or asbestos surveys – American Geosciences has exceeded our expectations and kept our best interests in mind. I would not hesitate to recommend American Geosciences.”

Rob Shuster
Vice President
RWS Development Co., Inc.
“I would HIGHLY recommend AGI to anyone in need of this type of service.  AGI has always gone above and beyond what we could have hoped for.”

James A. Malanos
Baker Young Corporation
“Dedicated, smart people, with a keen understanding of the client’s budget and schedule.”

Donald P. Cella, Jr.
Five Mile Development Group
“We utilize AGI because they are very client oriented.  They assist us as we work with bank personnel, investigate funding sources, and deal with environmental issues.  We value their thoroughness, personal approach, and the fact that they complete projects painlessly.”

Ahmad L. Ghaznavi
Delta Property Management, Inc.
“We have been working with AGI for well over ten years now and we have come to rely on their expertise when evaluating new acquisitions.”

Molly Murdoch Finnell
SPS Management LLC
Princeton, NJ
“AGI has earned our complete confidence, which is essential with environmental work because of its complex nature, changing legislative environment and constantly developing technologies. Not only does AGI stay on top of the business, but they hold in depth technical knowledge, and can explain complicated alternatives with as much detail as we want, in an understandable way. We completely rely on their expertise, advice, and recommendations which have always been on the mark. They have been an invaluable resource for our business over the course of 20 years.”

Joseph R. Brendel
Clark Hill / Thorp Reed
“AGI personnel use their considerable knowledge, experience and dedication to their client’s interests to address matters cost-effectively and in a timely fashion. During my years of environmental practice, I have reviewed many reports prepared by environmental consulting firms. The reports produced by AGI consistently are very well written and present complex data in a comprehensive, organized and understandable manner.”

Todd R. Shingleton
President Corporate Safety and Environmental
I take many of AGI’s attributes for granted.  I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with AGI for over 25 years and many of the AGI staff I dealt with back then remain a part of the team today.  That cohesive history and continuity is lacking in today’s M&A driven climate.  What’s more AGI have the extraordinarily unique ability to “speak the language of the listener.”  Whether discussing a complex geotechnical aspect with a regulatory official, another consulting firm, or an environmental insurance representative, or a business executive weighing expense and liability decisions, AGI has the uncanny ability to pivot and communicate the same issue in terms better understood by the receivers.  More importantly, when listeners provide feedback, AGI listens, and understands their vocational language.  For these reasons, this boutique powerhouse has partnered with us from a 400M company to a Fortune 300 global enterprise.  Through it all, we’ve not lost sight of the people that enabled such growth which is why AGI remains our consultant of choice.

Edward P. Kernisky
Vice President
Union Real Estate Co. of Pittsburgh
“For over 20 years we have worked with AGI exclusively for all of our company’s environmental issues, including Phase I Assessments, environmental compliance issues and remediation.  AGI has been very responsive with practical and cost-effective solutions.”

Joyce Smith
Plant Manager
O.C. Lugo, Inc.
I would definitely recommend AGI to other companies, they are very knowledgeable in their services that they provide.  They have been great since day one of meeting with them to discuss their services.  They are very thorough in explaining processes and procedures in great detail that can be understood and are always available if you have any questions.  AGI provides excellent service and stays on top of everything meeting required regulation deadlines better than I could have ever expected.”

Jim Havrilla
Director EHS Member
Bristol Metals LLC
After many years of inhouse Environmental Management, I decided there was a need for a stronger Environmental Program, so I began to look at solutions that would fit our needs. Interested more in guidance and compliance knowledge rather than execution, I decided to bring AGI onboard and I can absolutely say that I highly recommend AGI and its team of professionals.  Since partnering in 2017, AGI has performed above expectations with their knowledge and expertise.  AGI’s commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none and they are always available to assist.  AGI can adjust quickly to their customer’s needs whether it is managing a project or simply answering a question.  It is a pleasure knowing they will do as much or as little as we need.  In the ever-changing world of environmental compliance, I can always rely on AGI guiding us on the right path. I look forward to many more years of working together

Ned Palmer
Site Manager
Glenn Springs Holdings
We have been using AGI for many years.  Their quality of work is excellent and they always make sure tasks are completed in a timely manner.  Year after year we have been able to deal with the same individuals who have become very knowledgeable with our site.  This gives us a comfort level that work is being completed correctly and efficiently.  I would recommend AGI to anyone in need of their line of service.

Anthony P. Bucciero
Guardian Construction Management Services, Inc.
“AGI has always done a timely professional job but more importantly has always offered solutions to any issues encountered that allowed our projects or closings to proceed without delay or additional risks. Highest recommendation!”

David A. Rockman
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellot, LLC
“American Geosciences earned the status of being my top choice for environmental consulting services, including for site evaluations and assessments, Phase I and Phase II work, and indoor air quality work, among other issues.  AGI matches deep technical knowledge with a high degree of professionalism, strategic thinking, responsiveness and personal attention.”