Environmental Remediation Services


American Geosciences, Inc. has a reputation for providing outstanding environmental remediation services in a cost-effective manner. Our project managers have more than 35 years of day-in and day-out remediation experience.

AGI has performed risk-based environmental remediation services at the following types of property:

  • Mills.
  • Plants.
  • Industrial facilities.
  • Transportation facilities.
  • Commercial property.
  • Service stations.
  • Dry Cleaners.

We approach each environmental remediation project in a unique manner as site related contaminants and geologic conditions vary, as do client goals, budgets, and schedules. We do this while utilizing the experience gained by conducting thousands of environmental projects since 1990.

Environmental Remediation ServicesA summary of the process we use is as follows:

  • Review available site investigation data.
  • Discuss the client’s long-term goals regarding the property and its usage.
  • Discuss risk factors.
  • Identify the advantages and risks of applicable remediation options.
  • Provide remediation cost estimates.
  • Collect additional information to address data gaps.
  • Prepare appropriate risk assessments, investigations, and reports necessary to develop methods to prevent exposure to constituents of concern.
  • Coordinate with regulatory agency personnel to obtain approval to implement a risk-based cleanup.

Many states have voluntary cleanup programs in place to provide predictable frameworks for navigating environmental challenges during the reuse and redevelopment of industrial sites and brownfields. AGI has conducted risk-based cleanups in 10 states and is particularly experienced in implementing cleanups under Pennsylvania’s Land Recycling Program (Act 2) and assists clients with all aspects of voluntary cleanups from start to completion, AGI:

  • Coordinates with regulatory agencies.
  • Characterizes site conditions.
  • Evaluates potential human health and environmental exposures to contaminants.
  • Develops conceptual site models to guide the investigation and evaluation of data.
  • Delineates the extent of environmental impacts in soil, groundwater, and soil gas.
  • Completes risk assessments when necessary.
  • Develops cleanup plans and identifies remediation approaches.
  • Develops and submits milestone technical reports meeting cleanup program requirements.
  • Obtains regulatory agency approval and formal liability protection for our clients.
  • Prepares required environmental covenants documenting AULS and post-remediation care obligations for sites to maintain compliance and liability protection.
Edward P. Kernisky
Vice President
Union Real Estate Co. of Pittsburgh
“For over 20 years we have worked with AGI exclusively for all of our company’s environmental issues, including Phase I Assessments, environmental compliance issues and remediation.  AGI has been very responsive with practical and cost-effective solutions.”
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