Geothermal Testing and Consulting


American Geosciences, Inc. provides geothermal testing and consulting to assist design professionals in developing geothermal heating and cooling systems.  As professional geologists, we have a unique understanding of geology and subsurface conditions that make us highly qualified to provide geothermal testing and consulting services and site-specific information.

AGI geologists have more than 30 years of experience assessing subsurface conditions and conducting thermal conductivity tests.  AGI can be your one-stop source of information for “below ground” data when considering geothermal heating and cooling.

Our geothermal testing services are used by developers, architects, mechanical engineers, LEED professionals, and HVAC service providers.  AGI geologists will:

  • Secure applicable permits.
  • Hire drillers and supervise the drilling of test wells.
  • Utilize state-of-the-art equipment to conduct thermal conductivity tests.
  • Enter field data into software for reliable calculations and processing.
  • For open loop systems:
    • Assess whether groundwater geochemistry is conducive.
    • Conduct pump tests to validate yield estimates.

AGI geologists can also comment on how the following can impact the project:

  • Presence of fractures or jointing.
  • Water bearing zones.
  • Groundwater yields.
  • Presence of consolidated and unconsolidated units.

Once our geologists have assessed the site’s subsurface conditions, we convey a ‘go’ or ‘no-go’ opinion on the location.  Our data and recommendations give you the confidence to move forward with geothermal or eliminate it as an option.

Whether your geothermal heating and cooling project is driven by tax credits, LEED accreditation, or sustainability goals, AGI professionals can help with your retail, commercial, or industrial project.

Harnessing the thermal mass below the ground surface is an efficient and cost-effective method to reduce your heating and cooling costs and provide significant long-term savings.

If you are unsure whether geothermal testing is for you, contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss your project and site location.

Donald P. Cella, Jr.
Five Mile Development Group
“We utilize AGI because they are very client oriented.  They assist us as we work with bank personnel, investigate funding sources, and deal with environmental issues.  We value their thoroughness, personal approach, and the fact that they complete projects painlessly.”

For more information on our geothermal testing and consulting services, please contact us today at 724.733.7000.