Additional Environmental Services

Additional Environmental Services

environmental-servicesAmerican Geosciences, Inc. offers several additional environmental services.

Third Party Review Services

AGI personnel perform third party reviews of environmental reports prepared by other environmental firms. We provide our clients with an objective assessment on the following:

  • Assess whether sufficient data was collected to adequately characterize a site.
  • Assess whether industry standards and protocols were followed.
  • Comment on whether appropriate conclusions were drawn and are supported by the available data.
  • Identify whether realistic areas of potential liabilities have been noted.
  • Review suggested remediation costs.

Attorney Interaction Services

Environmental Consulting ServicesWe assist clients and their attorneys to fully assess potential environmental issues and their associated liability. Typical situations where we have been involved with environmental consulting service issues include:

  • The purchase of property with environmental issues.
  • A facility not in compliance with applicable environmental regulations.
  • Alleged third-party exposure to contaminants above applicable standards.
  • Off-site property impacts.
  • Professional negligence by consultants.

We routinely assess potential outcomes and costs associated with issues and assist with minimizing potential liabilities.

Expert Witness Services

American Geosciences, Inc. professionals routinely serve as both testifying and non-testifying experts. We assist attorneys as they develop their case, identify what counter arguments the opposing counsel may present, prepare documents needed for court, present depositions, prepare expert reports, and testify.

Environmental services are not always straight-forward. It’s nice to have American Geosciences, Inc. on your side and working with your attorney.

Molly Murdoch Finnell
SPS Management LLC
Princeton, NJ
AGI has earned our complete confidence, which is essential with environmental work because of its complex nature, changing legislative environment and constantly developing technologies. Not only does AGI stay on top of the business, but they hold in depth technical knowledge, and can explain complicated alternatives with as much detail as we want, in an understandable way. We completely rely on their expertise, advice, and recommendations which have always been on the mark. They have been an invaluable resource for our business over the course of 20 years.

For more information on these additional environmental services, please contact us today at 724.733.7000.