Hazardous & Residual Waste Management

Hazardous and Residual Waste ManagementAmerican Geosciences can help you deal with waste management compliance issues.  Our goal is to ensure you maintain compliance with applicable waste management regulations while minimizing costs.  Our environmental compliance services cover hazardous, universal, and residual wastes.

Our professionals provide the following waste management services:

Identify and Properly Categorize Wastes

  • Assist with properly characterizing generated wastes.
  • Identify applicable regulations to be followed.
  • Determine generator status.

Prepare Waste Minimization Plans

  • Evaluate whether less toxic substitutes are available.
  • Consider process modifications to reduce the quantities of wastes being generated.
  • Recommend methods to recycle wastes.

Hazardous Waste ManagementSecure and Maintain Permits

  • Determine applicable permits required for current or proposed operations.
  • Prepare permit applications.
  • Identify reporting requirements.
  • Identify sampling requirements and conduct sampling activities.
  • Complete permit-related reports.

Prepare Plans and Manuals

  • Prepare emergency response and contingency plans.
  • Prepare training manuals.
  • Prepare monitoring plans.

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