Project Portfolio for American Geosciences, Inc.

American Geosciences, Inc. takes pride in our projects.  These Project Portfolio for American Geosciences, Inc. demonstrate the scope and complexity of the work we undertake every day.

Refractory Plant Acquisition – Northeastern U.S.

Worked with international client’s CEO and CFO, attorneys, and plant personnel.  Researched site environmental records and investigated soil, sediment, and groundwater in potential areas of concern.

$240,000,000 Property Transfer – U.S./Mexico

Performed expedited Phase I and Phase II investigations.  Provided remediation cost information for the seller of five manufacturing facilities located in Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, and Mexico.  Evaluated physical structures, assessed soil and groundwater quality, and evaluated compliance with environmental regulations.

Former Radiator Manufacturer – Wisconsin

$1,000,000 investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater impacts associated with past manufacturing and waste management practices.  Remediation was a combination of bioremediation, capping, and property use restrictions.

Natural Gas Producer – Pennsylvania/West Virginia

Assisted legal counsel and their client in assessing an established natural gas producer’s operations for purposes of a joint venture in the Marcellus play.

PCB Remediation – Pennsylvania

Investigation and cleanup of PCB-contaminated concrete and equipment surfaces in the subbasement of a high-rise building in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Environmental Compliance – Various States/Canada/Europe

Participated in developing and overseeing a corporate-wide Environmental Management System associated with air emission sources, hazardous wastes/substances, non-hazardous wastes, and water discharges.  Assisted client in meeting Sarbanes-Oxley Act disclosures (for facilities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe).

Former Manufacturing Facility – Illinois

$1,000,000 remediation of a former manufacturing facility using the first full-scale permeable reactive barrier installed to prevent migration of chlorinated solvents into a residential district.

$1,000,000 Dry Cleaner Property Transaction – Pennsylvania

Managed investigation and developed remedial alternatives.  This included use of a “buyer-seller” agreement with the PADEP to limit buyer liability, allow productive reuse of the property consistent with “streetscape” plans, and generate income from the sale to fund required investigation and remediation activities.

Sludge Pits in City Park – West Virginia

AGI developed an in situ solidification approach saving the client $250,000+ in off-site disposal and site restoration costs. The $400,000+ project involved an investigation/delineation, risk assessment, treatability evaluation, engineering/design, and closure plan.

Former Scrap Yard near Water Supply – Pennsylvania

Managed remedial investigation activities.  Because the site was located upgradient of water authority pumping wells, the PADEP and water authority closely scrutinized the work.

Rob Shuster
Vice President
RWS Development Co., Inc.
I would HIGHLY recommend AGI to anyone in need of this type of service.  AGI has always gone above and beyond what we could have hoped for.