Phase II Environmental Site Investigation Services

Environmental Compliance AuditAmerican Geosciences is highly skilled at completing Phase II environmental site investigations to assess potential environmental impacts at a property.  We access the magnitude and extent of environmental impacts to soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, soil gas, and indoor air.

Since 1990, AGI has performed Phase II environmental site investigations at hundreds of properties including: steel mills, chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, dry cleaners, gas stations, shopping malls, etc., within the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Phase II investigations are specifically tailored to your site.  And, the scope of work is designed to meet the scrutiny of parties involved including regulators, attorneys, lenders, etc.

Examples of site investigations that American Geosciences professionals have conducted include:

  • Migration of solvents into a residential district from a former manufacturing plant, via vapors and groundwater.
  • Sludge pit investigation near a city park.
  • Former scrap yard issues up-gradient of city water supply wells.
  • Gasoline vapors in the basements of numerous residential homes.
  • Mercury impacts in soil of a former foundry/tannery as part of a bank foreclosure.
  • Solvent impacts to soil and groundwater at a former heat exchanger manufacturer.
  • PCB-contamination of concrete in the basement of a high-rise building.
  • Tank issues associate with a property a university was interested in purchasing.

AGI’s Phase II environmental site investigation capabilities include:

Pre-Investigation Activities

  • Review preliminary site information (prior reports, plant records, personal accounts, historical aerial maps, etc.).
  • Research property ownership, document/map property boundaries.
  • Evaluate potential off-site sources of concern.
  • Develop site-specific investigation plans.
  • Determine drilling and sampling locations (surface water, groundwater, soil, etc.).
  • Hire subcontractors (surveyors, drillers, excavators, lab, etc.)
  • Prepare site-specific health and safety plans.
  • Secure bonds.
  • Handle the submittal of public notices.
  • Secure off-site access (if wells or sampling are needed on neighboring property).

Field Investigation Activities

  • Coordinate with and supervise subcontractors.
  • Advance soil borings to assess the quality of soil.
  • Install monitoring wells to assess groundwater quality.
  • Collect samples (one-time collection events or periodic collections over years).
  • Pack samples, submit to lab, and instruct analytical tests to be conducted.
  • Collect GPS information.
  • Maintain site security and integrity of wells.

Post Field Investigation Activities

  • Interpret field and sample information.
  • Compare sample results to individual state standards.
  • Prepare data tables summarizing site specific data to applicable standards.
  • Evaluate and determine exposure pathways.
  • Prepare risk assessments.
  • Document site conditions and the extent of impacts.
  • Prepare environmental covenants.
  • Work with site restoration contractors.

AGI professionals present the magnitude of any issues, remediation options, and remediation budgets.

Andrew Stewart
The Silk & Stewart Development Group
“Silk and Stewart has relied on American Geosciences for more than 20 years for environmental consulting services. We consider them to be a trusted advisor and do not hesitate to recommend them to colleagues.

The true value of their service is that we have confidence in their work and judgement, appreciate their professionalism, and know they have our business interests at heart.

As we consider purchasing properties throughout the United States, we count on AGI to complete thorough site assessment, investigation, and remediation services. Each property we consider is different. AGI professionals have shown themselves time and again to be skilled at accessing a multitude of environmental issues, site conditions, and regulations as they vary from state to state.

If environmental issues are identified, AGI presents the concerns and liabilities in order that we are able to make sound business decisions regarding the real estate transaction. AGI personal are always sensitive to our need for timely and detailed information in order that we can make decisions quickly and projects can move forward.

I would highly recommend AGI to assist with any environmental due diligence project.”

For more information on our Phase II environmental site investigations, please contact us today at 724.733.7000.