Mold Inspection Services

mold-inspection-servicesElevated mold concentrations within occupied spaces can pose potential health risks and significant challenges to property transactions.

AGI offers the following Mold Inspection Services:

  • Inspection of workplace areas, building spaces, and conditions that may lead to a climate for mold growth.
  • Collection and analysis of media samples to assess whether elevated mold counts are present.
  • Analysis and interpretation of analytical results.
  • Presentation of options to address elevated levels.

American Geosciences, Inc. professionals have conducted mold surveys and related services in:

  • Schools.
  • Offices.
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Residences.

Mold is typically a concern in areas where there is high moisture content.  These areas can include:

  • Mold SurveysHVAC systems.
  • Areas with water intrusion.
  • Basements.

Why has mold become such a problem?

  • Tighter (newer) buildings can significantly increase humidity levels in an effort to conserve energy.
  • Operation & maintenance issues associated with older buildings.
  • Greater use of HVAC systems with less make-up air to control energy costs.

There are no federally enforceable standards for mold.  However, AGI has considerable experience at interpreting mold data and assessing potential sources of mold spores.

Ahmad L. Ghaznavi
Delta Property Management, Inc.
“We have been working with AGI for well over ten years now and we have come to rely on their expertise when evaluating new acquisitions.”

For more information on our mold inspection services, please contact us today at 724.733.7000.